Custom Luxury Villa Interior Design Services

Explore endless options for home interior design in Dubai and make your dream home

Big or small, a home is a paradise for any one on this planet. This is where anyone can find eternal peace and enjoy privacy without interruption. Besides being the most divine place on earth, a home is where you create a lifestyle per your taste, needs or comfort. From a classic 60s-styled home to a contemporary private villa, you can design and mold this space to showcase your aesthetic taste without uttering a word. And the best part is that hiring the right professionals can get all of it done – just like that.

Falcon Interiors is where you can find the best villa interior design services in Dubai. We specialize in design and remodeling services for both commercial and residential clients. We take pride in working with the best team for luxury villa interior design in Dubai. Here every case is handled by experienced professionals who seek to create exclusive looks and feel for each client. 

What’s On The Table?

Flacon Interiors takes pride in working with one-of-a-kind creative team with a classic taste in luxury villa interior design in Dubai. Accompanied with an exclusive range of products, they assist in upgrading every nook and corner of your villa to make a masterpiece.

Villa Entrance Interior Design

Get one of a kind villa entrance with an exotic look and feel of nature and contemporary elements. Hire skilled designers that create a neo-classical feel for any space.

Bathroom Designs

Explore a range of highly functional and aesthetically rich bathroom designs that can significantly improve the quality of your interior overall.

Bedroom Designs

From comfort to class, space and aesthetics, our wide range of bedroom designs have everything that can offer you a great personal space to find eternal peace.

Dressing Room Designs

Want to make the most of your closet space with efficient, highly functional, stylish cabinetry? Pick from a range of dressing room designs at Flacon Interiors now.

Dining Room Designs

From a formal dining area for special guests to a casual dining room for family meals, our interior design team has various options in any case.

Majlis Interior Designs

Review our contemporary majlis interior design range and choose the one that reflects your taste and matches your hosting needs.

Family Sitting Room Design

From vivid contemporary designs to strikingly lavish expansions and eclectic homes, we offer a variety of sitting room interior designs.

Falcon Interiors also own an exclusive portfolio in kids’ bedroom design, home office design, Islamic interior design, townhouse interior design, penthouse interior design, and more.

How We Stand Different?

Monotony is boring, and with so many options out there, one shall not stick to conventional material and style. 

We strive to create inimitable designs for every client, making it possible for you to have a home that is one of its kind. To do so, we source high-end retail from China, Germany, Italy and more. With these unique interior design elements, we offer an ambience that simply cannot be replicated. 

With its highly competent interior designers, Falcon Interior maintains up-to-date portfolio of the contemporary villa interior design. Every single one of our projects starts with understanding customer needs. Hence incorporating every minute detail including colours, furnishing, fixture and more. From custom-cut flooring and chandeliers to hand-crafted tiles with the finest finish, artistic wall-decore, and delicate leather items, we make homes that remain the talk of the town for years. 

Customized villa interior design in Dubai

Our leading interior designers consider customer preferences and style at every step of the process. If you are unsure what kind of interior you want in or outside your villa, we are here with suggestions and insights into the latest trends. These professionals can walk you through the design, concept, and final layout and deliver a project beyond imagination.

As the choices vary from person to person, a close collaboration with each client can help deliver the trendiest luxury villa design for each residence. At Falcon interior, your choices will be fulfilled by our interior designs. 

High-End Villa Interior Design Services

Falcon Interiors, with its creative designers, offer a wide range of interior design themes with an array of pattern and colour collections. With our experts, you can find less than the trendiest residential interior, furniture and more for your villa. This modern selection can give a unique look and feel to your estate. 


So reach Falcon Interior experts now to transform your home into an architectural masterpiece that keeps your guests mesmerized. This uplift will not only add aesthetic value to your residence but will also increase its market value.

Endless design options

A home is where you find your peace; you share love and memories with each family member. Be it your parents who want to stay close to nature or your kids who are fans of anime; Flacon Interior has something for all. With our creative interior designers, we offer an exclusive range of interior design themes that can meet the needs of every single member of your family. 

At Falcon Interiors, the possibilities are infinite. With attention to fine details, our designers take pride in delivering projects that are both mesmerizing and functional at the same time. 

The leap of faith

We are known for offering unique architectural masterpieces that meet customers’ needs and compete well with the latest trends. We have everything from design conceptualization to the proper facelift of your villa. Our designers can curate exquisite patterns and colour schemes exclusively for you to give you that WOW feel.

So no matter if you are looking forward to upgrading your living room interior or want to refurbish your kid’s room, reach us for exclusive design solutions now.