A parlor is a special space where men and women walk in. Professional beauticians are responsible to deliver every beauty expectation of our clients.  Interior of the parlor must be aesthetic as possible and it affects the Visitors pay attention to the stylish and catchy design.Customer’s preference will vary with the type of Interiors offered by salons and parlor. As the functionality of space is important every salon or beauty parlor projects are highly specific about the concern of expected customers. The design of the spa and parlor should be highly attractive and pleasing to visitors. Hence the need for Interior designing of the salons has grown more. The appealing design of beauty parlors and salons will generate more traffic in the spa and thereby increase profitability.

The qualitative design (a reception area, ceiling, floor, furniture, etc.) by salon interior design Dubai will help to turn every new client into permanent ones. It will work better than any advertising. They will start talking about you!

At Falcon, we are specialized in a luxury beauty salon and spa interior fit-out and design. Falcon beauty Spa projects have built up an impressive portfolio of multinational and local clients based in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. Our client satisfaction is paramount and we will always endeavor to exceed your expectation. Our salon interior design Dubai provide:

  • Modern and classic salon Interiors
  • Modern and classic spa Interiors
  • Luxury salons and spa Interiors
  • Beauty parlous and beauty salon Interiors

The utmost requirement of a good beauty salon is the pleasant atmosphere that allows a client to relax. Our salon interior design Dubai offers wide range of design solutions to our clients.The designer will carefully plan the service areas and restrooms to find the best solution and the designer will help to choose the style and prepare a beauty salon layout.

We are professionals in delivering various types of design solutions with our salon interior design Dubai. Salons and spas are expected to deliver calm and quite environment, which will induce the mind and Body. Design implementation and decoration with various styles will extend a stunning and relaxing environment in the spa or salon. Our range of salon interior design Dubai involves decoration styles like:

  • Modern or contemporary designs
  • Minimalist design
  • Arabian designs
  • Morocco-Designs
  • Eco- friendly designs

We Create the most stylish salon interior design Dubai and offer the best hosting to every customer walk in. Our designs are always impressive with the incorporation of advanced technologies in the designing Industry.

Why Falcon Interiors for your Salon Interior?

  • The most reliable and affordable salon interior design in Dubai
  • Many decoration styles, from modern minimalism to Arabic traditional & Moroccan.
  • Unique concept and exact visualization
  • Professional team of designers
  • Hands on touch at every stage of project
  • Monitoring and analysis throughout the project

Benefits of salon interior designs

Professional designing of salons will impart utmost comfort to the customers and also ease the employees’ efforts by making them work in the best ambience.  Interior consultants will create the most suitable layout that will match and optimize every workflow that will take place in that space.

Our salon interior design Dubai will take care of:

  • Space planning
  • Designing
  • Creation of work plan
  • Selection of materials
  • Furnishing
  • Interior decoration

We are privileged to serve many number of satisfied customers with salon and spa interior designs. We always add a special touch in every work. We are continuously developing with modern technologies and also offers various trendy designs and practices that are taking place around the competitive industry.